MountOcean Episode 3 – Andaman Wilds

Episode three is here – MountOcean Episode 3 – Andaman Wilds.
Come sail with us aboard the 127′ Fife schooner Sunshine in the remote Mergui islands of Myanmar (Burma) and Thailand where we dive uncharted reefs, trek through jungles, see the wildlife of SE Asia and gorge on amazing Thai cuisine.

Be sure to check out Episode 1 – Journey to Heart Lagoon and Episode 2 –  Uncharted Islands here. We are loving sharing our adventures with you and would really like to hear from you. Drop us a line if you have any questions or suggestions and be sure to SUBSCRIBE to our youtube channel to be updated on the next release. If you’re super keen and want to be the first to see our videos and want to help us make more, check out our Patreon campaign.

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