Hello MountOcean sailors, we sailed to see the Great Spirit Bear!
Home Waters of Baddeck Canada

Kristy and Michael sailing the home waters.

We sailed to see the Great Spirit Bear! I know, I know, it’s been a while since we’ve written or released a video! A long time has passed since we released MountOcean Episode 5 –  but we do have a good excuse! We’ve been traveling to some of the most remote places the oceans can take us and have just not had the down time to make any new content other than posting a few pictures to our Instagram and FB pages. Rest assured, we’ve documented all these adventures and will be getting back to video editing soon! MountOcean episode 6 is almost finished and on its way.

Maple Leaf in the mist

Schooner in the mist

The polished bell of Gloria

Gloria’s Bell!

Where have we been? We’ve traveled the wilds of remote Indonesia and the Java Sea and the straits of Malacca to the North Atlantic and North Pacific all in one summer! We’ve sailed over mine fields, beside sea-tornadoes (waterspouts) and thru fish farming nets. Sailing through the graveyard of the Atlantic and touring aboard a Columbian Naval Tallship was also a highlight. We also sailed in the wake of the pirate Captain Kidd where he buried his treasure on Oak Island! We’ve spent time with the Kitasoo Native people of the North Pacific learning a little of their culture and current wildlife management strategies. A big highlight was getting up close and personal with the Great Spirit Bear and watching him eating salmon from pristine glacier fed steams! It’s been and wild ride and we look forward to sharing those stories with you. From this whirlwind of adventures, we have so many stories and photos to share that it’s a bit overwhelming to say the least!

Thanks for all your patience and inquiries along the way.

Stay tuned and we’ll have more vids out soon(ish)!


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