By reading our blog, enjoying the stories and watching the videos, you’re already sharing our journey with us. However, if you’d like to contribute a little more, here are a few ways you can add to our voyages.

Help us make Videos by supporting us on Patreon


How this works is that you contribute a couple of bucks each time we release a new video, and we use the money to improve the quality of our equipment – so we can make better videos for you to watch. We are so lucky to have education and training that allow us to earn a (modest) living doing what we love. Because were not “cyber begging” our way across oceans, we can put every penny donated directly into better equipment, paying for upload bandwidth or whatever it takes to get you better videos and images. Think of your donation like a tip jar, if you enjoyed, add a little something. In exchange there are some cool rewards like MountOcean Crew T-Shirts, early viewing of videos, and lot’s of other stuff. Check out or just click on the orange banner above for more details! We also promise to put a portion of every donation directly in the Random Acts of Kindness fund – see below.

Random Acts of Kindness fund

We are so lucky to have friends, family, education and so much more. We’d like to give a little back in a random kinda way. We will be visiting some of the most impoverished (if only financially) people in the world. Help us give a little back. Every dollar, euro, cent, peso, shekel, won, frank or bitcoin donated will go to help schools with stationary, medical relief funds, contribute to ocean education and literacy or maybe we’ll just buy all the village kids an ice-cream. The point – to just do something nice for those we meet along the way. Please donate generously and well make sure you see how it is spent.