First Mate


Kristy, our First Mate and Galley Gal has a talent for culinary creativity, enthusiasm for physical activities and enjoys the nomadic lifestyle afforded by long distance sailing. Being born and reared in a small but historic fishing village of Baddeck Nova Scotia, also the home of none-other than the inventor of the telephone – Alexander Gram Bell – she was raised a “boat kid” and has several Atlantic crossings under her keel aboard her family built charter schooner SV Amoeba. Stemming from French Canadian and United Kingdom genetic compliment, her travels included both sides of the Atlantic and extensive exploration of the windward Caribbean isles, SE Asia and most recently Australia and Indonesia.

As well as being an avid sports enthusiast for all things running, jumping, climbing and swimming, Kristy is an aspiring educator with a background in decision-making psychological process, with degrees in psychology and education. She has multiple interests in adventure tourism, outdoor education, embracing alternative teaching methods and facilitating experiential learning. Kristy also has wide-ranging experience in the fields food and beverage management, yachting and marine tourism, hospitality services and outdoor recreation management. She enjoys a passion for delectable culinary experiences, outdoor life and world travel.